About the Author

Lorraine Rees currently resides in Virginia.   Her second book (working title: Letters from Aftermath) is due for publication in October 2011.  Lorraine participates in poetry readings around the New York area as well as the Shenandoah Valley.  She is a farmer, accomplished equestrian, unstoppable force.  She enjoys tennis, film, fox hunting, teaching, fly fishing, and fighting for human rights but she cannot swim to save her life.

Please read the older posts as well as the new posts since the author’s style changes dramatically as she experiments with different forms.

Literary influences include Marge Piercy, Edgar A. Poe, Nabokov, Cormac McCarthy, “The Brick Testament,” Alice Walker, Ted Hughes, and others.  Directors Wes Anderson and Tim Burton have also influenced the author.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, look at this tangle of thorns.”  — Nabokov, “Lolita”


2 responses to “About the Author

  1. dennis ward

    just finished reading a novel it seems you might enjoy. “three delays” by charlie smith. example: “if you left me, i would fade out like a dying indian tribe. i’d disappear like the ivory-billed woodpecker. they’d see me, near the end, standing down on calle cinquo wearing one of your nightgowns, explaining things to the traffic.” one of the happiest tragedies i’ve ever read.

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